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At Live NNK, I believe the work I do speaks for itself. It tells the story of who businesses are, the approach they take and the clients I'm proud to have worked with. In the style of showing and not telling, go ahead, see for yourself. Browse through websites created, to see how my unparalleled services can give your business the virtual jump start it needs.


They Treat You Like Family 

This website creation and online launch project was a huge accomplishment. It was my first priority in my new role at the family business. A majority of their sales market is not from the area, we needed to be able to reach potential customers for ALL the varying services provided. As a result of the sustained work and constant website editing, we have seen the results. Our next challenge is keeping up with the  increased sales demand!


They do it all.

Jamie Webb (co-owner & son of the family business)  was struggling to find a local source who could recreate their website and revamp their search engine optimization (SEO). After he stumbled upon the Glenn Lester Co website, he reached out to me about his own company's website design. I was thrilled to take them on as a client and go above and beyond to create the online presence and modern website they deserved.  This is how I will approach every project I take on, with endless energy and ambition to ensure your online presence is top notch, which is where it needs to be in today's market.


Marketing & Consulting

I have drive. I have ideas. I'd love to work with you and your team on how to stay modern in today's market.  I want local businesses to thrive with sales and success. Let me increase your sales and define your brand image. 


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