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Live NNK is a local marketing and creative service for all things Northern Neck (NNK). Along with being an outlet to express my creative side and share things that bring my family and I joy, 


Being an avid lover of the Great Wicomico River and surrounding areas, I want to share with others the joys that make this locale of Virginia special. 

I have a huge love for interior design and home decor.  After five years of experience working in model homes and with a large corporate home builder, I realize the passion for beautiful and cozy surroundings, My design style is unique to industry standards and surrounding environments in which I'm working in. Many years spent in beautiful homes helped shape my skill in home decor and room design elements. My most important skill in helping others in their home decor goals, is working with small budgets. For years family and friends have encouraged me to take my side hobby into a professional role. Everyone deserves to live within a beautiful space, unique to individual styles (and reasonable spending goals!). Personal shopping for home decor, textiles, lighting, furniture and more is what I live for! I'd love to work hard and help you love your favorite place even more than you do now, which is your home!

Growing up in Wicomico Church ( Northumberland County) has made me a Local of the Northern Neck of Virginia and a third generation resident of the area. Our county's natural beauty is what brought me back after 12 years in corporate roles. Never underestimate the power of being near a body of water, it can do  unbelievable things for your soul and health. I hope to share my marketing insight and creative passion with local companies as well as local residents. Send me a message today and let me help bring out your creative goals. 

I want to hear what you love about the NNK and ALL inquiries are welcome! 


Lacey Lester Amiss

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